Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fits Like a Glove

I recently received a parcel in the mail from my Grandma. I wasn't expecting anything so you may imagine how overjoyed I was when I opened it to find a collection of gloves. Not just any gloves mind you, my great-grandmothers gloves which have not been worn by anyone but her! How cool is that. I have other gloves which I was given as presents for Christmas and my birthday. These gloves were unworn from the 1960's and still had their original price tags and labels on them! I have such a lovely collection now! I wouldn't mind a few more, although I'm not sure I need them; as is I have trouble decided which ones to wear with each outfit.

Gloves are such a beautiful addition to any outfit. I wear them every Sunday for church. I have a general (lazy) rule which means I wear the same outfit on a Monday to Uni as I wore on Sunday. I don't usually see the same people so it's a great little way to make sure that I look pretty and to save time on Monday morning. For practicality, I don't wear my gloves on the Monday, which I feel sort of brings down the look of the outfit. It makes less of a statement and has less of a classic vibe without the gloves.

So, because I love gloves, I thought that I would share some with you, but then I thought that that might bore you, so I decided against cataloguing my collection here. 
However, to add substance to this post, below are both from my great-grandmothers collection.

This is one of my pale pink gloves (I think that they are my favourite). I love the detail in the fingers. It is so well made.

Some beautiful embroidery down the arm of an elbow-length glove. Oh so pretty!

Gloves are, obviously, worn on one's hands, which means that they are wont to get dirty. In my next post, I will share with you some ideas for cleaning your oh-so-special collection of gloves.

Enjoy your day,
Memma xxx

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