Sunday, 17 January 2016

To plan or not to plan.. that is not today's question- diary fun!

When I began writing my last post about the new year, I had intended to write quite a different post. I had intended to write about diaries.

If you are like me, a diary is an essential aspect of your life. Without it your all over the place and you can't confirm any times to catch up with friends, hold meetings, or do much of anything else. 

So, as a diary lover, I wanted to share a few of my diary finding essentials.

1. Weekly spread. I like to view my life by the week or the month. I can't just live a day at a time, which means that a day-to-a-page diary simply does not work work for me. 

2. Yearly calendar. Most diaries have an overall view of the current and following year at the front. I use these to plan out big deadlines, such as assignments or important events. 

3. Prettiness. Yep, I require prettiness in my everyday items. Usually I purchase a $5 diary from the cheap store and then I slip it into one of my diary covers. This year was a bit different because my sister gave me a diary for Christmas. It is a beautiful diary from Forever New. I can't afford to buy their things for myself, but I have no trouble accepting them as gifts. :)

4. Size. I always select an A5 or A6. The smaller it is, the easier that it is to travel around with it. However, you still need to be able to write in it, so I find that a pocket sized diary is a little too small for me.

Now for the fun part- photos. 

Here are a few photos of some diary covers that I have made before!

I've posted this one before. It has a built in bookmark made out of a pink ribbon. For the previous post, click here.

I used this diary cover this year but didn't need the bookmark that I sewed in because the diary already had one. (Please excuse the dirtiness..)

So much fun! One of the best parts of making a diary cover is that you can reuse it multiple times and have a pretty cover every year! The two covers that I have shown you today are two different sizes, which means that regardless of which diary size I buy, whether it be A5 or A6, I will have a cute cover for it. Wooh for personalised diaries.

What type of diaries do you use? Please link a photo if you've made your own covers before. I would love to see them!

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