Monday, 11 February 2013

Laptop Case

The laptop bag I made was perhaps the hardest thing for me to make. It is a quilted, patchwork case!

I apologise for the poor quality photos etc. but I am so proud of this one I just had to share it. So the entire case is pretty much made from patchwork squares (with a strip down either side to hide the fact that I didn't cut off enough material... oops)  The back looks pretty much like the front except with different squares of material. Each square is approximately 10x10 cm if I recall correctly.
Below is a photo of the inside of the case. You can see the white lining and a heart shaped pocket! So cute! I love the hearts. Anyway the case is closed via the two clasp thingos which I cannot recall the name of at this point.


Oh I almost forgot to mention that between the lining and the patch work squares is a layer of wading to act as a safety cushion for the laptop. 

Sorry about not being overly clear etc. Why not have a go and design your own laptop case? If you would like the heart pattern just comment and ask for it and I'll post it for you :)

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