Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Uni Bag

As promised here is the first in my series of 'back to school' posts. 
The first thing I made to prepare myself for Uni was a bag. This bag can be worn over the shoulder or across the body and was made from a pair of jeans I had that were too big.
This is the front:

To make this bag the first thing I did was cut off the legs of the jeans and up the crotch. I then cut off half of the back of the jeans (in other words one back pocket and it's surrounding area). It is also notable that in order to sew on another section of fabric it is important to leave some of this section of the pants as a seem allowance. A piece of the leg was then sewn into the blank area to create what you see below. 

The handle was created by two more long sections of the leg (if you want me to explain just leave a comment and I will try as best I can). 

After the bottom of the bag was sewn up and the handles were attached it was time to decorate (see above photos).

The lining of the bag incorporates the removed pocket to act as an internal pocket (see below). I love the pretty lining and chose it for exactly that reason. Naturally if you were to recreate this bag for yourself you should feel free to decorate it as you wish. 

The final step was to attach the pale pink tassel (!) to the zip (which I just realised I forgot to mention). 

Anyway I apologise for the lack of a tutorial. This was created pre-blog so although I took a few photos of the production process they were dodgy and would be pointless to show. 
If you want me to explain anything just leave a comment :)


  1. That is so adorable! I saw one similar but no where near as cute! I love it!