Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Many Faces of 'Emma' (Jane Austen)

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So, I have been watching Emma Approved recently. Emma Approved is the latest vlog series released by the wonderful people who brought us The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Basically, what these series do is take one of Jane Austen's novels and turn it into a modern vlog (video blog) from the main characters perspective. 

I am excited about this one as Emma is my favourite Austen novel (as of today I have read them all bar Sanditon!), and I find the characters to be well cast. Mr. Knightly is not bad to look at either, which is always a plus. 

Emma Approved is on a break until February, which gives each of you who have not yet watched it plenty of time to catch up.

Feeling the absence of this vlog, and procrastinating from writing my essay, I have decided to vlog about the Emma Adaptations I have seen.

So, let us start with the book;

Emma tells the story of a young, charming and wealthy woman who delights in playing matchmaker to her friends and possesses no desire for marriage herself. Being a work by Jane Austen, Emma does indeed fall in love, however this potential courtship is threatened by No Plot Spoilers Here- read the book :). I really do recommend that you read it; Jane Austen's style is  very well written and witty.

Now the films;
Emma has been made into many different films, including the 1996 production directed by Douglas McGrath and starring Gwyneth Paltrow. I love this version! It is well acted and charmingly witty to the extreme. I feel uncomfortable when Emma is reprimanded by Mr. Knightly, and cannot contain my excitement when they discuss the venison stew and new drain. Naturally this will make no sense if you've not read the book or watched the film so once again, I urge you to do so. :)

Another film, Clueless (1995), directed by Amy Heckerling, was the movie of a generation. Clueless is less of an adaptation and more of an appropriation of Jane Austen's novel. Here we meet Cher and her friends as she deciphers the world of parties, school, love and growing up. The film explores many of the same themes as the novel and has many plot similarities, as one would expect. This film is comedic and endearing throughout. If you have not watched it than please do yourself a favour and watch it. 

I believe I have spoken for long enough. These are three of my favourite Emma adaptations/ appropriations. When I watch them, I do not view them as adaptations of the text, but rather as separate works, enjoyable in their own right. 

Which is your favourite version of Emma?
Memma xx

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