Sunday, 12 January 2014

Popcorn Anyone?

So, if you follow my WeHeartIt account, you may notice that I love 50's and 60's dresses. Well, today I wanted to share one with you; specifically a beautiful Lana Lobell dress! D

Going to a fair or serving popcorn? This dress would be perfect! Not a bad idea for next Christmas either. It is so cute! How adorable are those shoes?!

Speaking about a fair, every year we have an agricultural show in our town, and today was that day. We went and watched the wood chopping, applauding, as always, for the youngest and slowest competitor; saw the pavilions, admiring the wonderful displays of needlework, art, quilting, baking and gardening; and had a quick game of the clowns. I never fail to win the consolation prize which has made a worthwhile addition to my dog's toy box.

After collecting a bucket of fairy floss we made our way home and waited out the hours until the fireworks display, viewed as always from our conveniently placed bedroom window. Our show has a great (and long) display of fireworks and, although I must honestly admit that I tuned out in the middle, I do admire the big purple ones, as well as the collection of fireworks which turn into gold and pink, purple or green, artworks. 

Which fireworks are your favourite?

Memma xx

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