Sunday, 19 October 2014

Vintage Wardrobe Essentials Eight

Here ends our series on Vintage Wardrobe Essentials. Thank you so much for reading them all. :) I really do appreciate it. 
Today, I thought that I would make a printable list for you. 

Or if you prefer a PDF, simply click here.

I should make another note that this is my wishlist of essentials. I do not own all of these items, nor am I saying that you must/ should, should you decide to adopt a vintage style.

This wardrobe guide should see you through Summer, Autumn and Spring, however you may wish to add some quilted skirts, more long sleeve blouses and some knitted items to see you through Winter. This type of wardrobe sees me through Winter, but I live in Australia and I rarely feel the cold. I'd like to add some Winter-specific clothes to my wardrobe though because they are quite pretty.

Thank you so much for following along with this series. Please do leave any comments etc. in the comments section below.

Have fun creating your own vintage wardrobe!
Memma xxx

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