Thursday, 4 July 2013

Stirrup Bow Leg Warmers Pattern

WOW; it has been a while since I last blogged. You have my sincerest apologies. I don't really have an excuse. I could talk about how busy I've been (except I haven't been overly busy), I could tell you that I haven't had much to say (but that's not strictly true either). So I won't bother listing my excuses; I will, instead, give you a very cute leg warmers pattern. ...

 Not just any leg warmers; adorable STIRRUP BOW LEG WARMERS!!! :D


What do you think?

Okay, so my ballet classes are at night time, and needless to say I never want to get started because it's SO cold. So I decided to knit myself some leg warmers (pink of course ;) ).

As you can see, one leg warmer is longer than, and not as well done as, the other. This is because I was originally working from a pattern that I couldn't quite master, so I decided to just do my own thing. Naturally I forgot how many rows I did when it came time to do the second... oops. If you use my pattern, you shouldn't have any problem with this though. :)
The shorter one (on the right of the screen) was the second, and best, one I did. 

Originally I was using this pattern, but after my failed purl attempt, I decided to just use it as a guide. It is a decent and relatively simply pattern, though, so by all means use it. (I don't know if you need to register to use it or not, but if you do, it is free anyway!)

Here is an up-close view of the bow. Naturally you'll need to shape it a bit before you sew it in. If you don't feel confident that the bow will be on the correct side, you can always stitch it all separately and then assemble it and stitch it on; that would be no problem at all.

How cute are they?

Okay so I know that you can't wait to get started. Here is the PDF file:

Why not have a go?  Also feel free to share the pattern, let me know if anything is incorrect or confusing, and/or show me how you go with it.

Memma xxx

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